Sustainable Civilization Institute was founded to initiate a voluntary social change in how humans relate to each other in order to maximize peace, prosperity, and freedom and minimize war, poverty, and servitude. Jay Stuart Snelson, acknowledging his intellectual antecedents, has set forth a practical strategy—Win-Win Theory—for building a durable civilization that will not self-destruct into social ruin. This is in contrast to all past civilizations, including those of our own era, which are clearly at high risk of self-destructing.

One influential antecedent on how to build durable social structures was the French economist, Frédéric Bastiat, (1801-1850). Bastiat wrote many original and practical works on the economics of prosperity for all people. His most influential book is The Law, published in 1850. It is available for download at no charge. We recommend reading this short, powerful work on win-win economics. To introduce a prime objective of the Sustainable Civilization Institute (SCI), here is one passage from The Law. Bastiat identifies three human choices concerning the legal confiscation of other people’s wealth and freedom:

“It is absolutely necessary that this question of
legal plunder should be determined, and there are only three ways to settle it:

1.  The few plunder the many.

2.  Everybody plunders everybody

3.  Nobody plunders anybody.

Partial plunder, universal plunder, absence of plunder, amongst these we have to make our choice.”

The first choice is precisely what humans have legalized under many names throughout the history of civilization, namely, “The few plunder the many.” We define plunder as either the legal or illegal seizure, without permission, of a person’s wealth and freedom through force or fraud. Whether we call the chief orchestrator of plunder King, Emperor, General, Tsar, Chairman, Secretary, or President is irrelevant. Whether the legalized plunder is duly executed through force or fraud is not important.

After thousands of years of political experimentation with plundering people’s wealth and freedom, such experiments have failed to build a sustainable civilization. The undeniable truth is that all present and future experiments where “the few plunder the many,” will also fail. Failure is unavoidable precisely because no one has figured out how to confine and contain, over time, the scope and scale of legalized plunder, which has always led to social destruction and ruination.

The second choice where “everybody plunders everybody” is hopelessly impractical because it institutionalizes an inequitable, unethical, and thereby unworkable social structure. That leaves only one social system that has yet to be fully applied, which is a system of social order where “nobody plunders anybody” through the forces of institutionalized coercion.

SCI was founded to promote, to teach, and to implement the work of Jay Stuart Snelson. During two decades from 1980 to 2000, Snelson developed and lectured on a scientific strategy for building a practical social system without the destructive detriments of institutionalized plunder. In turning to science to solve social problems, solutions to those problems must be innovated using the same method of discovery and innovation used with great success in physics and biology. Because such solutions of the mind do not exist in nature, they must be designed, built, and tested. The spectacular advances of physical and biological science were achieved using the same method to identify cause-and-effect, viz. the Scientific Method, which is to observe, hypothesize, test, and observe again. If its predictions come true, which means it works, then continue to verify its truth. But if it fails to come true, observe again, revise the hypothesis, and test again.

Why is it that humans have never applied the same scientific method that has taken us to the moon and cured diseases once thought to be incurable, toward building a sustainable social structure? It’s time to answer that question and, in so doing, emerge from our unrelentingly destructive past.

Snelson’s first book on his Win-Win Theory, entitled Taming the Violence of Faith was published July 2012 and is available to order on this website under the store tab or from Amazon.com. In it you will find a fascinating history of religious and political faith. You will see which specific articles of faith, throughout human history, have led directly to the failure of all past civilizations, without the possibility of ever achieving social sustainability. Taming the Violence of Faith is a treasure trove for those who want to understand the history of our civilizations through the power of scientific analysis. In it you will learn why our objective of building a durable civilization in which “nobody plunders anybody,” is neither impossible nor impractical. It does not require changing the nature of man, which is impossible. And it does not require revealing social solutions to the majority of people who are without influence, but rather revealing solutions to the minority of people who are influential. Yet, the influential few do need to understand Snelson’s Win-Win Theory and employ it to continue building and optimizing peace, prosperity, and freedom for all to enjoy.

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