The Team

Meet the Sustainable Civilization Institute Team

Jay Stuart Snelson, 1936-2011, Founder, Lecturer, Author, Scientist, Philosopher, Historian

Jay Stuart Snelson passed away on December 21, 2011. He lectured for over four decades on alternatives to organized violence and war. His seminars on Optimization Theory and Win-Win Theory, presented through his Institute for Human Progress, have shown that through observational analysis and verification a truer and more reliable understanding of social causality can be achieved. In “Taming the Violence of Faith,” Snelson reveals a practical, viable solution to the endless crises unleashed by war, poverty and servitude.

David Carroll Woodward, CEO

Dave Woodward has been working with Jay Snelson in various capacities for nearly 40 years. Snelson’s work is Dave’s passion. He believes it is the first complete and unique hypothesis for building a sustainable civilization. He has extensive experience in corporate management at three large companies, Litton, Raychem, and Racal to small startups including Metcal, OSD Envision, LightSwitch Safety Systems, and Flaresun Fire Group. He is now working with the SCI team to create the critical experiment for testing Snelson’s ideas.

Nancy Rhyme Snelson, President

Nancy Rhyme Snelson is a past president of the Orange County Association of Realtors and was a Director of the CA Association of Realtors. Nancy met Jay Snelson by attending his V-50 Lectures in 1973. Her paradigms on the critical importance of understanding causes and effects in social interactions were overturned. Nancy and Jay met again at one of Snelson’s advanced lecture series in 1983. She became involved in promoting his courses and soon became his business associate. In 1986 they married. For 25 years Nancy has been a tireless promoter of Snelson’s ideas.

Paul David Marotta – General Counsel

Paul David Marotta is a corporate, securities, and intellectual property lawyer. He founded The Corporate Law Group in 1991 and has represented hundreds of public and private emerging growth companies. Paul has practiced law for over 28 years and assists companies with everything from negotiating and documenting mergers and financings to defending class actions. Paul practices what he calls “relationship lawyering” and tries to partner with companies and their founders and managers to help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Susan Manley, Director of Social Media

Susan Manley is a recent recruit to the philosophy and teachings of Jay Stuart Snelson. She is a 24 year veteran of the computer game industry with a strong background in social networking, interactive learning, and making it fun. She leads the charge on how to get our message out. Susan’s experience includes Strategic Simulations, Electronic Arts, and Imagination Network, a wholly owned AOL company. Susan is a serial entrepreneur and has spent the last 12 years launching a series of successful start up companies around interactive technology.

Tony Woodward, CTO

Tony has been exposed to the concepts of the scientific method, social causality, and individual sovereignty since very early in his life and is thrilled to be working with the SCI team to share these concepts with a larger audience. With an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree from U.C. Santa Barbara, he has worked for more than 20 years designing hardware and firmware for Silicon Valley startups, with experience in telecom, audio, video, and computer memory. He will initially be helping to present Snelson’s work in various modern, convenient media formats.

Carole Woodward, Director of Creative Services

Carole has known Jay Snelson since 1972 when she attended his V-50 lectures. In 16 lectures she learned a completely new and different system of human interaction employing only voluntary, contractual dealings between all people. Carole has owned her graphic design business, Image Graphics, since 1985 and has created numerous corporate identity systems and promotional materials for companies and start-up businesses. She designed the SCI logo and will be creating promotional graphics for SCI’s print, web, product, and more.