Taming the Violence of Faith

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“Taming the Violence of Faith,” a book by Jay Stuart Snelson on how we can steadily grow peace, prosperity, and freedom for all humanity. It is as revolutionary as Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of gravity and Louis Pasteur’s discovery of the Germ Theory of disease.

For millennia humans have organized their societies in the same regressive way. The result has always been the eventual decline and dissolution of that society. We have conquered physics to the point of moon travel. We have conquered biology to the point where diseases and injuries uniformly fatal 150 years ago can be survived. The same scientific method that developed physics and biology for our use and betterment can be used for the first time to build a social science of win-win organization that can minimize war, poverty and servitude, and maximize peace, prosperity and freedom.

Snelson has lectured for over four decades on alternatives to organized violence and war. His seminars on Optimization Theory and Win-Win Theory, presented through his Institute for Human Progress, have shown that through observational analysis and verification a truer and more reliable understanding of social causality can be achieved. In “Taming the Violence of Faith,” Snelson reveals a practical, viable solution to the endless crises unleashed by war, poverty and servitude.

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